To co-create a community with no one left behind

We provide learning and development opportunities to individuals, teams, and organizations towards change and sustainable growth through transformational education.

Public Programs

To jumpstart your own learning journey, we offer public seminar-workshops all throughout the year focused on leadership, personal mastery, and systems thinking.

Design a Course With Us!

We also help design customized learning and development solutions that would fit your own organizational needs based on expected outcomes, leadership model, and cultural values.


We commit to being the best and delivering the best.


We offer our time and talents to the community.


We are all in this together.


We take ownership and responsibility.



At the core of our  programs, we focused on individual leadership and  personal mastery.   Any transformation starts with Self, a journey towards continuous improvement and seeing life in a different perspective  through awareness of our own mental models.  This is guided on  our purpose, what do  we want to create, and the commitment to live life moving forward using all our innate leadership qualities.

The Leadership Trilogy

Personal Mastery

Leading Self & Others

Success is a Habit

Emotional Intelligence

The Art of Coaching

Basic Facilitation Skills

Advanced Communication Skills

Mastermind Class


 Teams are becoming important in delivering organizational goals and solving complex problems.   Our programs focused on understanding different personalities to deliver outcomes while maintaining healthy, co-creative relationships with each other.   This is grounded on the principles of team development and how each individual contributes to the overall success of the team.

Building High-Performance Teams

Leading & Managing Others

Coaching for Success

The Power of Asking Questions

Collaborative Leadership

First-Time Managers

Team Building

Action Learning


We support organizations in implementing effective change  and performance through  aligning structural, cultural, and strategic   interventions to respond to a  VUCA-D  reality.   

Executive Coaching Program for Managers & Business Owners

Systems Thinking in the Learning Organization

Management & Training Consultation

Strategic Planning

Space Rentals for Events & Workshops


The Art of Coaching
Coaching for Success
The Power of Asking Questions
Leading Self
Leading Others
Leaders as Coach
Presentation Zen
How to do a Training Needs Analysis
Rewards & Recognition Program
Performance Management Program
Basic Facilitation Skills
Advanced Communication Skills
Training Interactive Lab Design
DISC Compass Workshop
Strengths Finder
Building a High-Performance Team
Stakeholder Management
First-Time Managers
Fundamentals of Management
Transition to Management
Basic Supervisory Skills
Action Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Success is a Habit
Basic & Advanced Photography
Synergistic Leadership

Workshops by Innov8
Foundations of Leadership Excellence
Advanced Leadership Course (ALC)
Leadership Excellence & Achievement
Program (LEAP)
FLEX Kid’s Play
FLEX Teens
Radical Authenticity

Workshops by TRAIL
Systems Thinking in a Learning
Collaborative Leadership
Executive Coaching for Managers &
Business Owners

Workshops by WIAL Philippines
Foundations of Action Learning

Find Your Balance.

Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

All journey starts with a single step.

Our aim is to make the first step easier for you through the work that we do in providing learning and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations towards growth and sustainable change through transformational education.

Ask us how we can make your first step easier yet rewarding. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

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